Double Dream Ranch Nursery
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We have 3 new babies on the ground. 

More coming this summer!!

some of our 2019 calves are shown below

Double Dream Darla
Born: January 27, 2019

  This red and white paint heifer calf is out of  Delilah and PGCH Jai.  She is a very cute, very  flashy, very correct  calf.  Definitely a show heifer. 


Double Dream Iggy
Born: August 11, 2019

  This dark red and white paint bull calf is out of  Blizzard and PGCH Jai.  He is a small, very  flashy, well built  calf.  He could be an awesome herd sire and show prospect with paint from Dam & sire as well as grand sire & grand dam. If you want paint and color - this is your bull calf.


Double Dream Shine
Born: April 5, 2019

  This currently red, gray and white paint bull calf is out of  Lily and Bolt.  He is a small, bulky little bull calf.  I am not sure what color he will end up yet but we expect him to be awesome like his dam who has 4 grands as a Jr heifer and his uncle Crackerjack who is nearly a MCH at 4 yrs. Grand bloodline is PGCH Daisy & PGCH Jai.


Double Dream Redbud
Born: June 28, 2020

  This red deep red heifer calf is out of PGCH Lily and PGCH Jai.  She definitely has her moms topline and deep body with her dads color.  I am excited to see what this heifer will do in the show ring.   The best of two of our champions.  We love this heifer and had planned to keep her to show ourselves, but she is now available for sale.  $1500
Double Dream Star's Reba
Born: March 29, 2020

  This red & white paint heifer calf is out of  Star and PGCH Jai.  This is one of our favorite matches. All the heifer calves out of this matchup grow up to be show worthy heifers and great momma cows.  They have good conformation and that dark red bloodline of Star's. She was to be my next show heifer, but now she can be yours.
Double Dream Willie Wonka
Born: April 4, 2020

  This red & white paint bull calf is out of  Delilah and PGCH Jai.  How can you say you don't love that white face!  This bull calf has paint in his bloodline on both sides.  His Mom throws this white face frequently.  He is nice on his topline and has nice straight legs.

$1000 bull
$500 steer

Double Dream Gypsy
Born: April 10, 2020

  This light red heifer calf is out of  Amlika and PGCH Jai.  I really like this little heifer, she is an independent, beautifully put together girl.  I was planning on keeping her for fall shows, but our loss is your gain.  She has a very exotic look about her head and great depth of body.  She is weaned and in training.  

​Currently $1500 but may go up when trained.

Double Dream Shameless
Born: April 27, 2020

  This red paint bull calf is out of  Wildflower and MCH Crackerjack.  This little guy is a flashy little bull who has the best of our bloodline champions on both sides.  He is a small but mighty.  He has developed an awesome topline and has Crackerjack's depth with his width in the rear too.  Really wanted to show him this fall.

​now for sale $1000
Double Dream Calves

All our calves are IMZA & AMZA Foundation Pure Zebu Cattle.  Most have Permanent Grand Champion or Master Champion winners in their bloodline.  We take pride in raising conformation correct Zebu who are also good breeding stock.  We do show our animals in Texas and Louisiana shows every year.

We sell our babies with all shots, tattoos, dehorned, and weaned with good eating habits.  They will come with a halter and training lead.  Training is usually started but price goes up when we start showing them and consider them fully trained.

We will do one registration for you with the price quoted to either registry. Additional registry registration available at buyers cost.
Double Dream Slowpoke
Born: December 24, 2019

  This red bull calf is out of  Velvet and MCH Crackerjack.  He is a small, well built, deep body calf.  He could be an awesome herd sire and show prospect with Crackerjack's body and nice red color.  He will definitely be on our show string this fall if still here.
Weaned and halter training started.


Double Dream Stormy
Born: September 8, 2020

  This light red heifer calf is out of Blizzard and PGCH Jai.  She is such a character in the pasture.  She has her moms white spot on her head and one more on her hip. She has a great topline and that signature Ice cream head that follows her grandmother.  Nice topline and body depth too. Planned to keep for shows but now
for sale $1500
Double Dream Cupcake
Born: January 23, 2021

  A flashy little red and white heifer out of Velvet & MCH Crackerjack, this one is an awesome heifer.  She has the best of both with her deep body and wide stance.  She is going to be fun to watch grow some more before weaned.  

Watch for this one on our show string this fall!
Double Dream Stars Shania
Born: April 9, 2021

  A very little red heifer out of Star & MCH Crackerjack, this one is the maybe the smallest we have had. She can walk under her mother. She is an independent, smart little heifer that goes to the barn for her naps regardless of where her mamma is. very well put together too with a nice hump. so fun to watch this "little bit" run and play!

She will be available when weaned 

Double Dream Buttercup
Born: May 15, 2021

  A flashy little red and white heifer out of Wildflower & MCH Crackerjack, this is a very awesome little heifer!  I love all her paint and especially her double striped tail.  she has great depth of body and topline like both her parents.

She will be available when weaned.