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Double Dream Ranch
We have mini zebu bull calves that will be available when weaned please see nursery page for pictures.
We are expecting additional calves soon so check back.

Miniature Zebu bulls for sale:

Double Dream ???
born: November 22, 2017

This bull calf is a red bull out of Marco and Amlika.  He is already turning black in the front and may end up solid black like his sire. Very nice backend on this bull calf.

Available at weaning in April.

$1000 as a bull or $500 as steer.
Double Dream ???
born: November 27, 2017

This very nice bull calf is a future show prospect for us or you.  He is out of Star and Bolt. Both of these animals have multiple wins in their classes. He is turning black in the front already.
We plan to wean this calf in April and begin halter training him.  He will be on our show string this fall if we still have him.  

$1000 as a bull

Miniature Zebu Heifers for sale:

Double Dream Dewdrop

This little red & white heifer is out of Delilah and Jai...   She is hard to photograph as she seems to always be behind someone when I bring out a camera.  She is very level on her topline and with that white spot on her tail and head she is very flashy.  She is a full sister to both Bolt and Dazzle who are both show animals that we are keeping.

I expect great things out of her just like her siblings!  Since I cannot keep them all - we are offering her for sale. She will be available upon weaning later this summer.  
FYI:  Her buddy - the little white bull is already sold.
Double Dream Milkshake

This little heifer is out of Ice Cream and Bolt.

Like her mother she has a beautiful head and great length-depth of body. She is put together very well and carries herself like the champion of the ring already.

Her coloring is yet to be decided as she has black undercoat in some areas and spots of solid white scattered around.  

I would expect her to compete well in the ring and be an excellent mother. 

She will be available for sale upon weaning in December for $1500.
August 24, 2016 calf
March 30, 2016 calf
Double Dream Lightning Streak
born: July 16,2017

This bull calf is paint out of Bolt and Velvet.  This well balanced bull calf has  nice length of body and very level on top.  We have removed his horns and started his halter training. He is starting to change color and may end up black like his sire and full brother.

$1000 as a bull or $500 as a steer.
Double Dream 
Fire Jasper

This little red & white paint heifer is out of Autumn Star and Bolt...    She is very level on her topline and will turn heads with the flashes of white up her flank and neck!

We had thought about keeping this one, but are now listing her for sale.

You will probably see her in the ring until she is sold. 

She is now weaned and available.

November 25, 2016 calf
sun picture for color, but standing downhill..
shade picture for confirmation... still standing a little downhill.
Double Dream ???
born: February 2, 2018

This colorful bull calf is out of PGCH Jai and Delilah. He is a full brother to our breeding bull Lighning Bolt that is throwing paint on every calf. To be weaned in June.

$1000 as a bull