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Double Dream Ranch
We have 4 new calves on the ground!!

Miniature Zebu bull Calves for sale:

Miniature Zebu MCH Crackerjack for sale:

Miniature Zebu Cows for sale:

Double Dream Dazzler

Bred cow.   Bred to MCH Crackerjack for a fall-winter 2020 calf.  Dazzle is halter trained and tame but can be hard to catch.  She has had only heifers for us and both have been good quality showable animals.  This is her summer color which is kind of orange roan. Love her white face.

She is registered IMZA and AMZA Foundation Pure.
DOB: 5/15/2015

Double Dream Delilah

 Available now with her 4/2020 bull calf.
This cow is a bigger cow however her calves have all been smaller out of our bulls. She has good confirmation and a good attitude with people. Loves treats and pets.  She has a big white blaze on her face that  she frequently passes on to her calves.  She would be perfect starter for someone with kids that want something friendly.

She is registered IMZA and AMZA Foundation Pure.
DOB: 4/4/2009

Double Dream Sugar
November 21, 2019

This is our first Crackerjack heifer and she shows his topline and butt build.  She is out of Dazzle & MCH Crackerjack. Dazzle is dark in this picture but becomes an orange roan in summer which is very  pretty. This will be one to watch but nicely put together.

. available upon weaning 

Double Dream January heifer calves

These 2 heifer calves are both double registered foundation pure.  The red heifer is very small, correct in confirmation, and would be an excellent show heifer,she is out of Amlika and PGCH Jai.  The paint heifer is a well put together heifer with flash!  She is out of Delilah and PGCH Jai.  I expect her to grow into a beautiful heifer.

$1500 each

both SOLD
Double Dream Iggy
born: August 11, 2019

This well built flashy bull calf is out of Blizzard  & PGCH Jai.  He is very dark red and white.  He has paint on both sides for two generations. His dam is an Ice Cream daughter.  We like his depth of body and topline.  And that head is awesome like all ice cream babies and grand babies. He is now weaned and will begin halter training soon.

Double Dream Shine
born: April 5, 2019

This bull calf is out of Lily and Bolt.  He has some splashes of white on both sides of his hips currently gray/red and white.  He has a great body and the terrific topline of his dam, granddam (PGCH Daisy), uncle (PGCH Crackerjack).  We expect this little guy to be an awesome show bull and a great breeding bull some day. Just weaned and started on halter training.

Double Dream ?
born: November 21, 2019

All we can say is WOW! This is an ice cream & PGCH Jai son.  He makes us stop in our tracks when we walk by the pasture and he is standing broadside.  He is very well put together and already has an amazing hump.  He has the trademark ice cream head too. We will definitely be taking this little guy to shows this fall if he is still here. 

Double Dream Slowpoke
born: December 24, 2019

This little bull calf was a Christmas Eve gift!  He is out of Velvet and MCH Crackerjack.  His dam has multiple Grand Championships as well as Champion Challenge wins too.
This calf is solidly built and nicely put together. It will be interesting to see how he grows. 

He is weaned and starting training.

$1000 bull
$500 steer

Double Dream Willie Wonka
born: April 4, 2020

WOW! love the white face and stockings on this red paint bull calf.  Out of Delilah & PGCH Jai. This one has a nice topline and good straight legs.  I expect he would throw this paint on your future calves too.  Want red & white flash in your herd - - this may be your guy!

$1000 bull
$500 steer

Double Dream Shameless
born: April 27, 2020

Flashy paint bull calf here for sure!  These pictures are showing him young but expect him to bulk up like his mom and dad as he grows. Out of Wildflower and MCH Crackerjack.  WOW has this calf grown into a crackerjack body! I was planning on showing him this fall, but no shows and too many bulls means time for him to go.

$1000 bull
not available as a steer just too nice

More pictures on the Nursery page!!
Double Dream Crackerjack
born: 3/18/2015

Crackerjack has been our show bull since he was weaned and was awarded his Master Champion by IMZA in September 2019.  He is an awesome gray bull with red paint on his sire's side.  He is a proven breeder with his calves being red at birth and so far only one has turned gray.  His calves have had his body capacity and topline which is awesome.  Unfortunately he is too closely related to most of our herd for us to keep.  This is your chance to start a show herd with an amazing bloodline and show record.

Storybook Farm Zasha

Bred cow.   Bred to PGCH Jai for a spring 2021 calf.  Zasha is a very calm and easy to handle cow.  She is a very pretty red color. Good body and head, but a bit overweight right now.

She is registered IMZA and AMZA Foundation Pure.
DOB: 4/6/2013

You can see all of his champion winning photos on out champion page at this link.
Double Dream Star's Reba

This heifer calf was to be on my fall show string but no shows so we have decided to sell her.  She has a great topline and depth of body with a very correct head.  She has that deep red-black combination color of her mother, Star with a little white from her dad, PGCH Jai.  


Double Dream Gypsy

This heifer calf was to be on my fall show string but no shows so we have decided to sell her.  She has an awesome depth of body and a pretty feminine head.  She has has a light red color.  Her mother, Amlika is one of our smallest cows with a pleasant personality. She is also out of PGCH Jai. Currently in halter training - price may go up when trained.


This picture shows the 3 amigos that have been together from birth,
​On the left is Reba, middle is Shameless the bull, and on the right is Gypsy.