Double Dream Daisy 
Daisy is our first calf out of Betty and Pride of Texas Antonio. She is a September 2007 baby and has remained very small. Daisy has won multiple Grand Champion Junior Heifer Awards. 
Daisy has a 2012 red heifer calf out of our new bull, Uncle Benny. Check out the nursery page.

Maxwell's Betty Sue
Betty has 4 Grand Champion Junior Heifer awards, several Reserve Grand Junior Heifer awards, and a Best in Show Female.  

Dam: Fan-C-Brit 
Sire: Eddy Place Bullit
MINIATURE ZEBU - Our breeding herd
Maxwell's Little Fanci -
 (better known as "Possum")
Possum got her name due to her color as a calf - when we picked her up she was brown and red and gray, the girls nicknamed her possum and it stuck.  Everyone calls her possum now.  She is going to be a very small girl. She like her half sister Betty above have wonderful straight legs and great body build.  Possum's mother was a solid black cow and in winter she will get a black cape and head with that red spot on top.  Wonderful disposition too.
Dam: BVF Lil'Lady
Sire: Eddy Place Bullit
WHF Ice Cream
Ice is from David Millison's herd.  She has a beautiful head, very nice hump. She was our white calf, but now she is a beautiful spotted cow. 

This is ice cream's 2010 heifer out of Jai.  Very nice!

Dam: WBF Opal
Sire: Valentino
Jai is our herd bull.  He is from Donna Counts herd.  He is an amazing red bull with a white star.  
PGCH Dam: Anala
PGCH Sire: Zar
 Jai is a Permanent Grand Champion in the Breed and has multiple Champion Challenge wins toward his Master Championship
These pictures are of Liberty and Ice Cream meeting the neighbors.  Most of the neighbors cows are yearling heifers not even full grown cows.  Liberty and Ice Cream are young heifers under 2 but mostly grown to full size.
Nursery Page
Here is Delilah & Star when they were our yearling heifers at the State Fair of Texas.  Delilah is out of MCH Valentino. She has a beautiful blaze and one white eye lash that makes her stand out.  Star, the red heifer, is from Roger Maxwell's herd out of black bull Tough Guy.  Star has won several Junior Heifer Grand Championships.  

Star on the right with her first calf. A beutiful heifer - see more pix on the nursery page: "Two Dots"

Delilah's first calf below - a bull calf that we have been showing and winning his classes: "Bolt"
FLR Benjamin:
 "Uncle Benny"
This is our second herd sire.  His first calf is on the ground now. a very pretty red heifer out of Daisy.  He is out of Dottie Love's herd.
Here are 3 heifers that we are keeping to breed.  On the left is Red Velvet; she is one of ours out of Betty and Jai. Can't wait to see what she and Uncle Benny throw. Top right is Millie; she is from the Murphy's herd. Bottom Right is Monique; she is from the Maxwell herd.  Lots of color in these 3 heifers and their backgrounds so we will see what their calves will be,