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Miniature Donkeys
This is a day old little one with a 9 year old.  Very affectionate.  Mini Donkeys will meet you at the gate to be petted.  They love attention and will follow you around the pasture.  They are easy to care for as they don't kick or bite over feed like horses do, but share easily one feeder.  They are very gentle and often used for therapy with children and disabled persons.  Our herd is 30-34" tall and includes spots, sorrels, and chocolates. newborn foals are 19-22" tall and weigh 12-18 lbs.  You can pick them up easily.
You just gotta love the babies!!  

Although we love our mini donks - we are no longer breeding them.

Site Updated:  8/13/18
Miniature Zebu Cattle

Loveable & Small.  Full grown cows are 34-40" tall at their hips and weigh 350-400 lbs.  Newborn calves weigh about 12-15 lbs and are about 19-22" tall.  A bull may weigh up to 600 lbs.  They are available in a variety of colors.   Miniature Zebu cattle originate in India and are native this size.  They love the Texas heat and can often be seen laying out on the hottest day on top of a hill.  They are naturally disease and insect resistant as are their cousins the Brahman Cattle.  They do not have the grazing requirements of American beef cattle and would be considered browsers much like goats or llamas.  They will run across the pasture to get a leaf that falls from a tree or stand on their rear legs like a circus elephant to grab a tree leaf for a treat.  They are very herd oriented and do not like to be alone.  

Double Dream Ranch
We currently have bulls, bred cows and calves for sale and 2 calves due soon. Please see the sale page for information.
Fall show season is fast approaching... look for us at Texas and Louisiana State Fairs in October-November.
What are they used for?

We hear this question a lot.  
To answer that we usually ask what do you want to use them for? 

 They can be milked; milk quality has been tested to be similar to goat milk, in that it is higher in good fats than typical dairy cows milk, yet not as sweet as goat milk.   Additional testing is on-going.

They can be eaten; steers raised for meat have been tested and tasted with good results.  They can produce a like quality of meat and a like % of processed meat as a typical beef animal.  However the cholesterol is nearly half and the feed requirements are substantially less.  It has been shown that they do better with natural grass and less feed.  Additionally, they will provide enough meat that will fit in a standard family freezer without finding additional people to split the meat and cost with.

They are easier to handle and can be trained to lead for shows even by small children.  Show  requirements are basic; only minor trimming is allowed, just wash, brush and lead in the ring.  The only expense is hoof trimming. 

They qualify for Agricultural Exemption, thus reducing your property taxes.  

Other advantages of these cattle are that the fencing and handling requirements are much less, as is the damage to the environment. They do not require the extensive grazing areas and require less expensive feed.​
2013 calves 
 (Cow in the back is about 32" tall.)

This is one of our young FFA calf buyers with her steer on a training day...  Don't they both look happy???  

Nothing like a Zebu to make you smile...
Jai with his herd in June of 2017